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2021 Board of Trustees

Trustees – Three-year term commencing January 1

Executive Officers – Two-year term commencing January 1, 2021

The Board of Trustees of the National Aviation Hall of Fame is comprised of national and local business leaders who adhere to by-laws that govern the NAHF’s business. The Board meets up to three times a year with special meetings held as required.

Executive Committee

Chairman of the Board Michael J. Quiello
Vice Chairman David Brixey
Board Secretary Kathy Hughes
Treasurer Don McIsaac
Chair Board of Nominations Chair Frederick Gregory
Development Chair Doug Schwartz

2020 Committee Chairs

Award Committee vacant
Executive Committee David Brixey
Finance Don McIsaac
Trustee Nominating Committee vacant
Wings of Women (WOW) Kathy Hughes
Heritage Hall & Education Center Niels Winther and Maury Williams


M/Gen. John Barry, USAF (Ret)
Mr. Raymond Berg
Mr. Frank Boensch
Mr. David S. Brixey
Mr. Henry F. Coffeen
Mr. James E. Cooling, USA (Ret)
Mr. Frank Craven
Mr. Chris Grazel
COL. Frederick Gregory, USAF (Ret)
Mr. William R. Harris, Jr.
Mr. Alan Hoeweler
COL./Dr. Kathy Hughes, USAF (Ret)
Mr. Tom Lodge
Mr. Joshua Marvil
Ms. Katie Nutter McCallum
Mr. Don McIsaac
Mr. Geoff Murray
Mr. Stephen Pope
Mr. Michael J. Quiello 
COL. Philip A. Roberts, USAF (Ret)
Mr. David Robertson
Dr. Vincent Russo
Mr. Doug Schwartz
Mr. Maury Williams
Mr. Niels Winther