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World War II- Sponsored By Scotts Miracle-Gro

On December 7, 1941, Billy Mitchell’s nightmares come true. Although the much-maligned Air Force General has been dead since 1936, his predictions of a Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor are chillingly accurate. America is thrust into a global conflict for which She is once again militarily unprepared.

In the intervening years between the wars, air power proponents like Mitchell, Frank Andrews, Hap Arnold and Ira Eaker have desperately sought the hearts and minds of top military leaders. As America prepares for battle with the Axis powers, She plays a frantic game of catch-up with aircraft production and pilot training.

In the end, American ingenuity, courage and audacity will rule the day. Pilots like Dick Bong, Tommy McGuire, David McCampbell, Marion Carl and Robin Olds engage and defeat the enemy on a global stage. The innovation and strategic brilliance of men such as Claire Chennault, William Tunner, Alexander Seversky and Benjamin O. Davis secure freedom for a world terrorized by fascism and tyranny. Engineers, designers and scientists across America burn the midnight oil developing aerial concepts and equipment that will effectively neutralize the Axis powers.

Meanwhile, a legion of nameless bomber pilots, fighter pilots, transport pilots, instructors and ground crews etch their tales of bravery and sacrifice on history’s fragile pages and in the hearts of grateful America.